edale presents

Technology to Give You a Helping Hand


  • Reduce waste.  Learn how print waste can be avoided during setup and while running.
  • Reduce setup time.  Learn how machine functions such as tool changing can be sped up and how operator efficiency can be improved.
  • Increase reliability.  See how we deal with downtime and how important it is for us to reduce it.
  • Easy repeatability.  See jobs printing to consistent standards again and again....
  • Reduce energy consumption.  Listen to an exclusive short interview with Jamie Neill at GEW on how their LED System could save up to €139,000 annually.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Learn how edale technologies can help with the environment.
  • Reduce factory space required.  Learn how single pass production can reduce work in progress and the machine footprint.
  • Experience the FL3, see our industry leading Label Press in action, the most versatile label press in the market offering Greater Flexibility, Superior Quality, Increased Productivity, and Improved Profitability
  • Increase your Productivity with the FL5 Single Pass Carton Production Line, the game changing multiple award winning press! 1 machine | 1 skilled operator | 1 minute | 1 pass
  • Consider moving into new markets.  Many lucrative opportunities exist that you may not have considered.