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World-class technology, endless versatility.

Designed from the ground up for carton production. We can support your demand
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The FL5 is the alternative choice to offset carton production. The amazingly efficient modular build uses Edale’s next-generation flexo technology to deliver exceptional print quality, massive versatility and incredible speed with just one skilled operator.

No sales pitch, come and see the ultimate single-pass production line for printed, embellished, sustainable, paper based die cut cartons.

The FL5 will take you from raw material to finished carton in one minute with just one skilled operator and just one pass.

The multiple award winning Carton production line gives all the benefits of single pass carton production whilst maintaining exceptional print quality and registration.

We combine print, cut, crease, braille, embossing and waste removal into a single machine with the FL5 Carton line, ideal for short-run work from 1,000 – 100,000 units and reconfigurable for a wide range of sizes and forms.

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We believe that the most powerful story comes from our customers, so take a look at their story and hear first hand their view of their experience of Edale and the benefits of their Carton Production Line.

Press Release

New York Label & Box have invested in an FL5, 510mm, 20-inch, 8 colour, single-pass flexographic carton and label press, the ultimate single-pass press and most versatile on the market.

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Press Release

Lancashire (UK) based company, Reelvision, manufacture for and supply to, the pharmaceutical, healthcare, personal care and FMCG carton market. Having purchased their first FL5 Carton Production Line in 2007 the company had grown significantly resulting in the need for a second machine for carton production which they purchased in 2014.

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Press Release

Edale is excited to confirm that Kroonpress Ltd, the leading offset printing press plant in the Baltic states, has purchased from Edale 3 pieces of printing and converting equipment in one large order.

The first press ordered is a 9 Colour 650mm wide FL5 single pass carton press complete with inline Flat Bed die cutter. The press has been configured to match Kroonpress’s needs and can produce completely finished cartons from a reel in one pass.

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Challenge the Tradition

No work in progress

Reduced set up and running waste

Just one Skilled Operator

Short runs and multiple variation with ease

Single-Pass vs Multi-pass

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Deborah Greenwood, Sales Director, Reelvision comments: "With the Edale FL5 Carton Production line we deliver superior print quality & consistency of colour matching each and every time."