Gravure in Summary

  • Gravure printing is a technique where the image is etched into a surface area that holds the ink. It is a popular print method due to its high speed, volume print process
  • Gravure is more limited in the inks that it work with, often making Flexo the preferred option due to the ease of printing and variety of inks. Gravure requires much more ink per print which can drive up the cost of printing
  • Gravure printing is still widely used for the commercial production of postcards, magazines, newspapers, and corrugated cardboard (and other packaging materials)

The Benefits

  • It is claimed that Gravure printing is the only high speed and volume print process capable of printing continuous tone images
  • Printing times are extremely quick, with modern presses able to produce up to 14m of film per second
  • It is claimed that as a direct print process, gravure printing results in better ink laydown and more consistent print quality

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