Hot Melt Coater

The Slot Die Coater is designed to precisely apply a continuous hot melt coating to the web using a Nordson slot die applicator with a rolling bar.

The system can be set to apply coatings as thin as 8 microns.

You can adjust the cross-register, height and gap between the web and roller as precisely as 0.01mm.

All the rollers are temperature controlled to assist the application of the hot melt coating. Various drying solutions are available depending on the coating.

Applications for this technology include the coating of adhesives as well as specialist barriers to create more sustainable and paper-based secondary packaging.

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Edale | Hot Melt Coater


  • Coating thickness as low as 8 microns
  • All rollers temperature controlled
  • Reliable tried and tested technology in partnership with Nordson
  • Available to integrate into Edale’s range of web-fed print and converting machines


  • Develop and produce more sustainable packaging solutions
  • Apply barrier coatings with high precision and consistency
  • Apply adhesives to create self-adhesive label materials
  • Pharmaceutical, medical and industrial applications

All our technology can be optimized for your application

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