Increase workflow with our range of Print Room Ancillaries


Jumbo Unwind

Massive unwinder capable of safely handling large reel.

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Jumbo Rewind

Massive rewinder capable of safely handling large reels.

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EFX Print Bar

Digital embellishment and in-printing.

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EZ Foil

EZ FOIL is an advanced cold foil system that enables cold foil to be reused multiple times, resulting in significant production cost savings.

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Automatic Splicer
& Non-Stop Rewind

Add up to significantly increased productivity, greater quality control and reduced waste.

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EZ Mount Plate Mounter

The EZ Mount ensures correct, accurate mounting, easy pre-reg, giving consistency and high quality print.

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EZ Cart

Additional cart for EZ DIE magnetic die tools.

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EZ Bench

Storage for up to 4 EZ DIE magnetic die tools.

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Plate Cleaner

Plate washing prior to storage.

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Anilox Cleaner

Ultra-sonic anilox cleaning.

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Plate Cutter

Quick and accurate cutting of plates prior to mounting.

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