Our customers have long understood the value of Camera based Register Control systems. However, the high up-front costs and complexity of use has often been a barrier to this investment being made.

So that was our challenge; Develop a simple to use, fully integrated, effective, and affordable autonomous registration system.

And that’s exactly what we did. Its small too taking up a small amount of space which means it can be easily fitted to most of our machine configurations.

The system uses a unique pattern of printed targets. These targets fit within a one square centimetre area of web and can be located anywhere within printed format. Just by looking at the target pattern the EZ-Reg can instantly determine the cross and linear register position of each colour and which printing unit used. Via a simple user interface, up to ten colours can be controlled.

Changes to the order of print is not a problem for the system.

It has the flexibility to adapt.

This makes things highly configurable in case you need to change print stations around or modify the job.

The camera just needs to be moved to pick up the marks whether they may be. You’re not constrained to them being on the edge either as they could even be placed in the middle of your job in between products.

The Edale pre-register is great and gets the print into register quickly once the machine starts but once the EZ reg is switched on the magic really happens…

The camera detects the target patterns and feeds back this information into the system. The system then trims the servo motors on each print module as well as a cross register stepper motor inside the print to bring the print into perfect register. And the print registration remains consistently precise giving high quality print.

This constant monitoring and adjustment can be extremely useful for troublesome substrates and the constant print quality and quick start means waste is significantly decreased.

The system is so good that the print operator can sit back and relax!

EZ-REG in Summary

  • Autonomous register setting and control throughout the job

The Benefits

  • Eliminates operator intervention whilst setting register
  • Guarantees precision throughout the run
  • Delivers consistency every time
  • Simplifies printing “troublesome” substrates
  • Improves quality and reduces waste
  • Space saving design requires no additional space

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