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Case Study  |  Digicon 3000

Edale Digicon 3000 Innovative Label Solutions

Digital packaging specialist Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS) entered the digital print sector in 2005 and had plans for rapid growth within this division. Now one of the most comprehensive in the industry, the Ohio based company were looking for new edale digicon 3000 finishing equipment.


In 2013 ILS became the owner of the first ever HP Indigo 20000 digital press. Alongside technology partners, AB Graphic International, ILS worked with Edale to specify their requirements for their finishing equipment.


The Digicon 3000 allows ILS to cost effectively convert labels and flexible packaging in a single pass when run inline with their existing digital press, allowing the company to offer a number of value added finishes, enabling them to compete for a greater segment of the consumer packaging industry.

The partnership between ABG and Edale, in conjunction with ILS’s involvement in all phases of the Digicon’s development, has resulted in the most unique, advanced digital finishing line in the marketplace. As we focus on growing our presence in the flexible packaging and shrink sleeve marketplaces the Digicon 3000 will be one of our major catalysts.

— Jay Dollries, Owner, Innovative Label Solutions

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