Jumbo Unwind

Large unwinder Capable of Safely Handling Large Reel

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The Jumbo (XL) unwind can handle reels up to 1.5 metres (60”) in diameter, allowing a longer run between reel changes. It’s extremely robust with large side frames and handles reels up to 800Kg (or 1760lb) in weight.

The Jumbo Unwind can include the option to have a 3m servo-balanced web buffer which enables it to interface seamlessly with any manufacturer’s web press. Powerful servo motors are braked and allow pre-tension, and the unit contains an infeed drive with a plasma coated roller and closed-loop tension control.

A hydraulic roll lift safely assists with loading/unloading material, and safety chucks securely lock the reels into place. Practical features like a retractable splice table, tape dispenser, air mandrel inflation gun to hand and nearby controls exactly where you need them make it extremely efficient to use.

It can be added to all Edale printing presses such as the FL3, FL5 and FL7 and used in a number of other special configurations such as foilers, converters, flatbed die cutters and even on other brands of printing press.

The Jumbo Unwind gives you:
  • Large roll diameters of up to 1525mm (60”)
  • Web guide with ultra-sonic edge sensor (optional line guide sensor)
  • Optional 3m web buffer interfaces seamlessly with any manufacturer’s web press
  • Safety chucks and hydraulic lift for secure and safe material loading/unloading
  • Servo braked roll with pre-tension
  • Splice Table at perfect ergonomic location
  • Conveniently located features such as the air inflation gun and tape dispenser
  • Integrated controls


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