Edale host a successful agent training event to launch new technologies

Edale host a successful agent training event to launch new technologies

Edale host a successful agent training event to launch new technologies

Edale held their agent training event from 24-25th March 2019 at their Head office based in Hampshire. This event saw 15 agents from all over the globe travel to the UK to partake in two full days of product training; including presentations from Edale customers and suppliers.

The training focused on new Edale technologies that have been developed in the last 12 months and included the next generation of FL3, the “EZ Die,” the latest offering on the “FL3 Hybrid” and Edale’s autonomous print register control system, “EZ Reg.”

Amitabh Luthra from Printers Supply co, India, commented – “The product training on the FL3 as well as the FL5 was invaluable and the new FL3 brochure is fantastic. Edale continues to impress on their dedication to offering the highest levels of automation in the industry”

FL3 2019 now incorporates more automation as standard with each print station being fully motorised. Seven motors now make every adjustment on the print station allowing for quick, easy and repeatable job recall. Insetting which is now a standard feature allows the user to rerun web multiple times through the press.

A new improved icon-based control panel, (HMI) has also been developed. This has an unlimited job storage facility and can also give a productivity report, including set-up and downtime, waste monitoring and press uptime all of which are invaluable in maintaining efficient performance. This data can be retrieved using the supplied USB port or could be directly downloaded to a factory ERP system. Edale’s unique “Uniprint” head design gives superior print quality, on the fly print station set-up and magnetic sensor for pre-register. 12micon to 450micron substrate range remains as an integral part of the enhanced performance of this fully servo, no line shaft press. The press has been designed in 430mm (17”) and 510mm (20” versions).

FL3 Hybrid. Edale’s extensive knowledge and experience of over 17 years in the hybrid/ flexo market is now enhanced with the launch of an Edale branded hybrid press, using industry leading technology based around the proven FL3 platform, the hybrid press can be tailored exactly to a customer’s specific need. The automated finishing options including semi-rotary die-cutting and auto set slitting allow for even greater efficiency required for short run jobs to be fully completed.

EZ Reg is a cost-effective closed loop camera based autonomous register system designed in-house by Edale. Controlling X and Y register without operator interference stops the need for constant adjustment and monitoring allowing the operator to carry out valuable and time saving pre-press work for the next job. The autonomous nature of the register system allows for consistent and controlled waste on set-up, giving increased productivity and accountability.

EZ Die allows change of the full magnetic die cylinder in under 60 seconds, with auto register X and Y and pressure control from the HMI, the EZ die not only eliminates set-up waste but also does not require a lifting device. The Die is positioned using the supplied interlocked trolley and simply slid into place. Automatic waste matrix take-up is also achieved by controlling when and where pressure is put on or taken off. All job settings can be stored in the HMI for even quicker repeat job change.

FL5 Carton has now been launched in 3 web widths 510mm (20”), 570mm (22”) both of which can incorporate an in line Flat Bed Die-cutter and a 650mm (25.5”) which can be configured with Rotary Die-cutting or sheeting.

All of these technologies are available to demonstrate at the UK Head Office in Whiteley, Hampshire

For more information on any of the machines in the Edale product range then log on to our website at www.edale .com,  email sales@edale.com or call +44 (0) 1489 569230.