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OUR 2022 - YEAR IN REVIEWPutting the year in perspective.  An update from James Boughton, Managing Director, Edale

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?

There’s been so much going on that we thought it would be good to reflect back and share some of the highlights of these last twelve months.

Of course, we should start with a momentous moment for us: Canon Production Printing (CPP) acquiring Edale in April this year. We are delighted to become part of the Canon family and we are already benefiting from the synergies resulting from our coming together. I also wanted to thank all our customers, worldwide agents, partners and industry friends, and of course, the team here at Edale for all your support; we really appreciate it. 

Let’s start at the beginning of 2022 …

To support the influx of visitors, we invested in a New Customer Experience Demonstration Area and have hosted visitors worldwide to showcase our FL5 Carton Production Line and FL3 Flexographic Label Press. We run daily demonstrations and have a great virtual event experience for those who can’t visit us in person.

I have a special announcement relating to new products. Early in the new year we will be announcing the launch of our new ‘Higher Productivity’ FL5 Carton Production Line. Like its predecessor this new evolution has been developed in close collaboration with our longstanding customer Reelvision Print Limited.

We have witnessed a considerable growth in Edale’s carton business over the past couple of years with many new and existing customers investing in our web fed single pass carton production solutions. We anticipate increasing interest through 2023 and are already booking production slots well in to 2023 with our FL5 and FDC being our lead products in this sector.

More than ever before consumers are demanding sustainable packaging solutions and as a result we feel the increased demand for paper-based solutions rather than plastic. At Edale, we continue to explore and implement technologies to help support this more sustainable vision and build presses to reduce production waste and energy consumption.

We are at the start of a long journey in taking actions to be more environmentally friendly, and like many businesses we continue in our quest.

In June I was honoured to be appointed as Chairman of PICON

PICON provides a valuable networking and communication service to its customers and is a strong voice in the industry.
My mission whilst Chairman is to ensure that the full range of support services that PICON has to offer is communicated to all levels within member companies.

This year we were pleased to celebrate more industry awards linked to Edale customers and machines

Our longstanding UK customer Kingfisher Labels ‘Won Big’ at the FlexoTech Awards and scooped the prize of ‘Best Newcomer’; well done, Kingfisher.

Also, our customer in India, Itek Packz, continued on their serial ‘Gold Award’ winning streak and won their FIFTH ‘FTA Gold Award’ for web fed flexo carton printing. 

I’d like to also mention our FL1 & FL3 products

We have a loyal following of old and new customers who see the benefit of ‘one of the most versatile flexographic label press on the market’. ‘Engineered for exceptional quality, engineered for last.”

Edale and Digital

Now part of Canon overnight we have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of digital products for production printing. For labels we are now in a position to talk more about the Labelstream 4000, available in both CORE / compact or hybrid configurations. We hope that during 2023 Edale will support making this fantastic product far more visible in the market.

Our network in 2022

We set out on a mission to have an Edale global presence and we are making great strides in growing our network.

Phil Jager, Sales Manager, North America

To meet the growing interest and demand we were delighted to boost our presence with Phil Jagger’s appointment as North America’s Sales Manager. Phil’s knowledge of the North American market and its needs are a real asset to the team.

We have also recently appointed new agents in China and Korea who join our existing network covering the USA, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Morocco, Dubai, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Italy, and Greece.

It’s important to us that we give customers local contact and support where possible.

Over the year we continued to build relationships with our industry-leading partners and associations to share knowledge and expertise and keep up with the latest industry news and legislation.  To name just but a few: ABG, Codimag, WebTech Alliance, BPIF, ECMA, PICON, FTA and TwoSides.



We ended the year with our ‘LIVE Print Quality Open House’ titled ‘Challenging Print Quality Standards’. The event saw live FL5 and FL3 demonstrations, with industry speakers including the Head of Prepress technology at FOGRA.

This event achieved its objective of demonstrating the high print quality standards that can be achieved by flexo as well as how the process can meet known industry standards such as Fogra 39L.

Its A Wrap –  The year has been truly eventful but I am pleased to say that Edale will end the year stronger and healthier than it did at the start. It is a great testament to our whole team that Edale continues to develop industry leading products and we look forward to what 2023 will bring.

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