Project Engineer | 2025

Apprentice Project Engineer (APE)

Title: Apprentice Project Engineer [APE]
Accountable to: Project Manager
Close liaison: After Sales/Service, ProjEng, Sales, Technical and Manufacturing Teams
Start date: TBC


The ideal applicant will be proactive, organised and passionate about engineering and project management. As a member of the After Sales Team, this role involves coordinating and undertaking activities to ensure Edale’s customers contracts are adhered to. You will be responsible for conducting project reviews, maintaining strict deadlines, and managing relationships with customers and internal stakeholders.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Managing the project lifecycle ensuring completion of each milestone in line with internal deadlines
  • Effective communication with both internal and external stakeholders, to effectively manage relationships.
  • Diligently completing technical assessments of equipment to generate risk assessments, operator manuals and all other required documents.
  • Manage CE and ISO compliance in line with the companies needs.
  • Preparation of and conducting machine Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) and/or Site Acceptance Tests (SATs) resulting in successful machine sign-off

Other Duties & Responsibilities

  • Liaising with Project Engineers to ensure all commissioning and FAT requirements are fully understood and preparations are in place (tooling, materials, consumables etc.).
  • Liaising closely with department stakeholders relating to delays, defects, complications, or any such issue that may impact the success or timely completion of machine commissioning.
  • Hosting and conducting Factory Acceptance Tests to satisfy customers’ requirements.
  • Assist with machine demonstrations and trials, as required, for prospective buyers during visits whilst answering technical and business-related questions.
  • Carry out customer operator/print training and machine SATs both in the UK and overseas.
  • Become competent in operating all equipment in the current Edale product range, understanding how to achieve the best quality product from each machine.
  • Provide in-house training/support, as required, for any Edale personnel i.e. Service Engineers, Sales Engineers etc.
  • Build knowledge of the digital/hybrid print process and learn how to use, demonstrate, maintain, and train customers on such equipment.
  • To provide technical and print support where necessary, liaising closely with the support team
  • It may be necessary to conduct customer site visits for the purpose of resolving customer issues, disputes, or for the provision of high-level product and application support.
  • To ensure safe working methods are followed when carrying out all works, and that appropriate work instructions and risk assessments are provided and adhered to for the duration of works.

Performance Management:

The applicant will be performance managed through a set of dedicated milestones in conjunction with business and college expectations. This will include, but is not limited to, meeting college deadlines for coursework and adhering to company policy and procedure whilst diligently completing all necessary documents to a high standard.

The performance of the Apprentice Project Engineer will be tied into the wider departmental KPI’s and therefore will be entitled to any departmental bonuses or reward schemes.