Mechanical Engineer | 2025 –

Job description

Title: Apprentice Mechanical Engineer [AME]
Accountable to: Manufacturing Manager
Close liaison: Production Manager, Team Leader, Design Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Fitters
Start date: TBC


This apprenticeship will take you on a path of precision and the ability to work to the highest mechanical standards. 90% of what we manufacture will be produced by our mechanical  fitting engineering team and this apprenticeship program for us is key route to our continued growth, supporting future talent for our every growing business.

Job Summary:

 The position of Apprentice Mechanical Engineer has been created to provide the successful candidate with recognised training skills to qualify as an Mechanical Engineer, and also training covering a range of disciplines within our manufacturing business. Throughout the training period the candidate will be exposed to other departments such as Goods inwards, Inspection, Mechanical assembly,Design.

It is foreseen that the training period would last for 3 years and subject to satisfactory completion of this period and relevant qualifications, a permanent role would be assigned.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • To complete BTEC or equivalent qualifications.
  • To perform high quality Mechanical assembly work following the drawings and specifications supplied by the Drawing Office.
  • To liaise with the Electrical Engineers to ensure that both electrical and mechanical work is co-ordinated.
  • To immediately report any component shortages to the Manufacturing Controller.
  • To report to the Production Manager when a job has been completed or to move off a job if there are not sufficient parts available to continue the build efficiently.
  • Responsible for reporting any quality failures to the Production Manager.
  • Responsible for reporting any problems related to the operation of equipment used to perform electrical assembly to the Production Manager.
  • To ensure that there are sufficient supplies of consumable components to perform the tasks required using the Edale Kanban system.
  • To define and report any areas for process improvement in accordance with the company’s Continuous Improvement program.
  • To follow both the company’s Health and Safety and Environmental policies.
  • To ensure that working areas are kept to the highest level of cleanliness.
  • To perform any other task as may be reasonably required and consistent with duties of the post.

Performance Management:

The applicant will be performance managed through a set of dedicated milestones in conjunction with business and college expectations. This will include, but is not limited to, meeting college deadlines for coursework and adhering to company policy and procedure whilst diligently completing all necessary documents to a high standard.

The performance of the Apprentice Mechanical Engineer will be tied into the wider departmental KPI’s and therefore will be entitled to any departmental bonuses or reward schemes.