Customer Service Support | 2024

Job description

Title: Apprentice Customer Service Support [ACS]
Accountable to: Project Manager
Close liaison: After Sales/Service, Project Eng, Sales, Technical and Manufacturing Teams
Start date: TBC


This is an exciting role as you provide a comprehensive service to Edale global customers and actively taking on Customer Service responsibility for installed machines and developing the customer relationship. Promoting a positive customer experience to drive efficiencies & improve revenue sales.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Take 'ownership' of support requests, ensuring appropriate and timely customer response.
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships to capitalise on new opportunities where possible.
  • Identify and capture additional revenue opportunities, specifically recurring revenue.
  • Continually develop Customer Service role to actively identify and work to maximise effectiveness as a key member of the service team.
  • To be the main point of contact for customers requesting after sales support, deciding the most effective response and allocation of tasks as necessary to the most appropriate colleague(s).
  • Manage the service engineer schedule - with the support of the Technical Services Manager assign tasks to the most suitable and available resource.
  • Liaise with all Edale departments, following defined processes to ensure an overall positive customer experience.
  • OTHER DUTIES MAY INCLUDE: Suggest process and documentation improvements and assist in the development of such knowledge base articles in order to further enhance the effectiveness of the business;
  • perform any other task as may be reasonably required and consistent with the duties of the post holder.
  • Attend customer sites, exhibitions and promotional events in support of Edale service and sales & marketing when required
  • Actively identify the need for additional spare parts, equipment, upgrades, or service contracts where possible;

Performance Management:

The applicant will be performance managed through a set of dedicated milestones in conjunction with business and college expectations. This will include, but is not limited to, meeting college deadlines for coursework and adhering to company policy and procedure whilst diligently completing all necessary documents to a high standard.

The performance of the Apprentice Customer Service Support will be tied into the wider departmental KPI’s and therefore will be entitled to any departmental bonuses or reward schemes.