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Karl Jackson, Production Director, Kingfisher and Andy Watts, Sales Director, Kingfisher.

Family-owned Kingfisher Labels Limited, UK are based in Yate, North Bristol and have recently invested in their 10th Edale press.

Edale are engineers of world-class printing and converting solutions for the packaging industry and have been in partnership with Kingfisher since 2001, when they installed their very first Edale press.

Kingfisher Labels were founded in 1996 and are a well-known brand in the self-adhesive label market and a leader in servicing the Food, Beverage and Healthcare sectors. Their ethos is built on forging strong relationships with their customers, who have remained with them since they first started.

Their recent instalment was a 6 colour, 350mm PRIME which has standard features such as pre-registration and Edale’s unique UNiPRINT technology which ensures optimal print geometry to ensure the highest quality print is achieved. Jobs can be set in just one web length of material using the job storage feature. Further innovations, such as the open architecture of the inking system; enables rapid changeovers, as well as precise control over colour management.

Their rationale behind their investment was part of an ongoing strategy to ensure they have the latest level of technology with the ability to customise their press to meet the growing needs of their customers’ ever-changing requirements.

They have, since the installation, experienced first-hand the benefit of the FL1 PRIME and consequently have invested in their second PRIME, which will be installed at the end of 2022, making this their 10th Edale press.

Karl Jackson, Production Director, Kingfisher, said: “We have a great relationship with Edale which spans many years. For us, Edale found a gap in the market with an affordable, space-saving, and efficient option that allowed us to customise as needed to suit our operation.

Our business is diverse and growing rapidly, so we wanted to invest in another machine which could interchange with our existing presses. The FL1 PRIME was perfect for sharing tooling, and as the die stations are the same, we can interchange between our FL3’s and PRIME. This has given us greater speed and operator efficiency and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and job turnaround for our customers and can facilitate 7-10 days to delivery.”

Louise Bailey, Business Development Manager, Edale comments: “Kingfisher has exacting standards in terms of their print quality, and they had a very clear vision of what they needed in terms of customising their FL1 PRIME.  We were very happy to work closely with them to meet their specific requirements.

We have a fantastic relationship with Kingfisher and are absolutely delighted that since their last installation they have invested in their second FL1 PRIME.  The Edale team are very proud that this will be their 10th Edale press.

Kingfisher are an extremely valued customer, and we are excited to see what the future holds for them.”

Karl Jackson, Production Director, continues: “When people ask why Edale, it’s simple really, we chose Edale because of the family feel, we are a family business and appreciate the respect Edale has for us, and we have the same respect for Edale.
Dealing with Edale means you can have a normal conversation; it’s easy to talk to each other openly and honestly. Support over the years has been really good, and any issues have been resolved.  What more can I say.”

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Stringent Quality Assurance Processes in place.

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The FL1 PRIME at Kingfisher’s Factory.