Chris Smith


Videographer & Digital Marketing Executive

I’m Christopher Smith and I am the videographer and digital media executive for Edale LTD.  I help Nicola Reynolds in the sales and marketing team to promote Edale, spread brand awareness and show off all the really cool solutions and technology we offer.  This consists of maintaining a social media presence and managing the YouTube channel as well as filming the live demonstrations with Darron Shimmons and creating videos of our machines.

This is a new role for me but working for Edale as a project engineer and project manager for the past 9 years I’ve built up a good knowledge of the business and the machines we sell so this new role is an excuse for me to start telling everybody about it all!

In my spare time I run my own YouTube channel focused on woodworking but including 3D printing and electronics so giving woodworking a bit of a twist.  I also do some woodturning and create many things including wooden and acrylic pens which help pay for all the supplies I need to keep making things.  My YouTube channel promotes the things I make but also acts as a creative outlet that I have a lot of fun with and its led to some amazing things over the years from co-founding a makerspace to building a full size remote controlled Dalek!


I studied marketing, videography and print in the past with the life goal to get into videography and so with my passion for creating things and YouTube, my role at Edale is also a bit of a dream for me.

With a new demo showroom being developed I’m really looking forward to creating some great videos showing off our machines as well as growing the Edale YouTube channel.  I’m planning some great content not just for promotion but also for some of our existing customers for print training, troubleshooting and guidance on how our machines work.

You can check out our YouTube channel here and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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